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Mint Residences gives you a full complement of amenities that help you achieve and maintain a balanced and dynamic lifestyle. 

Mint Residences building amenities are highly thought of in collaboration with a group of dedicated and credible team of engineers, architects and designers who have been building and developing world-class condo units. 

The lifestyle of the residents Mint Residences Makati City is chareacterized by luxury and convenience with generously spaced units and common areas and a wide array of recreational amenities. 

Always have peace of mind here at Mint Residences SMDC with our efficient and dedicated property management team that oversees the management of daily services, and the upkeep and maintenance of perimeter grounds and building features.

  • Swimming pools
  • Lush gardens
  • Fitness gym
  • Function room
  • Grand lobby
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As you choose your perfect abode, it’s an advantage that provision for generous amenities and facilities is being made by the property managers for you and your family. An active, well-balanced lifestyle is what you’ve always aspire for you and your love ones.  At MINT RESIDENCES, a number of these facilities and amenities are available all the time.  With an efficient and dedicated team of property managers, engineers and architects from SMDC, you can be assured of a wide array of amenities as well as upkeep and maintenance of the building features so you can always feel safe, calm and and protected. 

First of all, what would welcome you here is a grand lobby that would make you sighs in awe as a hotel-like ambiance to your home. Elegant, modern and cozy – it will surely make you feel at home once you step inside the lobby. Warm and friendly front desk staff will greet you and answer all your queries. 

There are swimming pools, both for the young and adults. Beating the hot days in the metro will never be a concern. At this community, your kids can frolic and play in the pool to their hearts’ content. Join and have fun together with your neighbors, friends and their kids. Parents can swim with their children or opt to just bask in the sun, chill out and read a book or sip their favorite coolers.  Weekends will never be the same again if you go on these swimming sessions and make them great bonding times with everyone, most especially your love ones. 

You can enjoy the refreshing gardens and greeneries all around. Soak in the surroundings and breathe in the cool, fresh and crisp air.  At MINT RESIDENCES, you would wake up to brighter mornings – looking forward to long, productive days and in the end, sleep peacefully in the comfort of your own homes. The colorful blooms and lush bushes of the garden in this neighborhood will always lend a youthful and relaxing vibe to its residents and homeowners. 

For the active and sporty ones, there is a gym where you can do all your daily routines. You can plan doing exercises together in the gym with love ones and schedule your sessions.  Modern equipment are available for you to use as you walk, run, hop, jump, flex, twist, bend and rotate. Soothe those tried bodies as you flex all those muscles. Enjoy bonding times with love ones. As they say, “The family that exercises together stays healthy together. “  

Lastly, a function room is where special occasions and milestones are to be held and celebrated. So spend your birthdays, baptismal parties, wedding showers, graduations, promotions or moving-up parties here. Or plan your next family reunions or perhaps, school reunions and do at any of the Function rooms. No need to think about traffic jams or extra time for travel as the event can be done right here in your own neighborhood. 

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